Equality Health Direct ACO Public Reporting

Information for the Network and CMS

See our provider directories, performance information, and contact information for public reporting.

Provider Directory

Participant and Preferred

Equality Health Direct participants include high-quality healthcare professionals throughout Arizona. No participating or preferred providers are in a joint venture with Equality Health Direct. See provider directory here. Participant providers include primary care providers in our network. Preferred providers include specialist and ancillary providers in our network.

ACO Performance

Year 2022

Equality Health Direct began participating in the CMS Innovation Center models on January 1, 2022 under the GPDC model. The ACO’s first performance year ended December 31, 2022.

$4,567,855.30 loss

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No savings

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Want to learn more about Equality Health Direct? Have a question, comment or complaint? Reach out to us and our ACO Executive Director, Margot Ozyp. Equality Health Direct is managed by Q Point Health, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Equality Health, LLC), doing business as Equality Health Direct.