Value-Based Care
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Transformational Programs for Networks and Populations

Value-based care strategies can be complex, fragmented, and administratively burdensome for health plans – especially when they need to be deployed quickly to unlock network performance or deliver against state-based mandates. We’re here to help.

Our contracting approach reflects a commitment to accuracy, transparency, and partnership, and Equality Health’s solutions have been proven effective across plans, markets, and lines of business.

Our value and mission resonate well with your network providers, and we unlock cost, quality, and member engagement impact from day one.

Health Plan Solutions

Accelerating Impact of Value-Based Care

Engage hard-to-reach providers and members through a proven care model, proprietary technology, and activity-based incentives that support your existing strategies.

Deployment and Scale

Our focus on primary care ensures that value-based transformation happens in partnership with your local community providers, which minimizes network abrasion and unlocks new financial opportunities for participating practices along the way.

Our network development know-how ensures that your value-based program scales quickly and moves the needle on the cost, quality, and member engagement factors that matter to you the most.

Practice Transformation

Our proprietary technology, CareEmpower®, presents cleanly organized and actionable care opportunities to participating practices, providing clear and real-time financial support for acting on those insights.

In-office practice performance coaches provide support to adopt CareEmpower® and help redesign workflows to activate best practices.

Our approach wins practice mindshare and inspires meaningful and durable changes to practice workflow.

Community Based Care

Some members have needs that exceed what can be reasonably addressed in the primary care setting. That’s why we deploy community-based care teams to catch high-risk members who are falling through the cracks.

Our multi-disciplinary teams are highly skilled at locating, engaging, and stabilizing members most in need of extra support, holistically addressing their physical, mental, and SDOH needs.

By The Numbers

Proven Reach and Results for Health Plans

Equality Health offers community-based resources at scale, which enables providers, payers, and members to succeed in value-based care.


primary care providers in value-based arrangements


attributed member lives


health plans in value-based arrangements


of member lives are covered by Medicaid


states with value-based care arrangements – and growing


decrease in adult medical loss ratio after 3-5 years with Equality Health


increase in HEDIS well child visits after 3-5 years with Equality Health

Health Plan FAQs

Want to Know More?

Value-based care arrangements are on the rise. What makes Equality Health different?

Equality Health’s solutions have been proven effective across plans, markets, and lines of business – including Medicaid (where we work most), Medicare, Medicare Advantage, ACA Marketplace/Exchange, and even commercial plans. As the largest value-based enabler focused on Medicaid, we’re embedded in underserved communities and help providers treat the whole person through a cultural lens.

Equality Health offers solutions that work in tandem with existing health plan benchmarks and required activities. Your goals are our goals, and we help primary care practices to align to meet those goals. Practice transformation occurs through on-going, high-touch, in-practice support, our proprietary technology CareEmpower®, and our activity-based financial model.

Equality Health has a special focus on high-risk members. Our “wrap-around” care model addresses whole-person needs in home and virtual settings through Equality Health at Home. Equality Health supports high-risk care coordination, transitions of care, preventive visit scheduling, behavioral health integration, and screenings for socioeconomic barriers to health and well-being.

Because Equality Health is so deeply embedded in the communities we serve, we are able to help health plans strengthen their local presence. Together through collaborative community partnerships, we are anchored in trust and engagement with health plans, primary care providers, and members.

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