Helping You Access
The Care You Deserve

Making Healthcare Less Confusing

Everyone deserves high-quality, affordable care, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, or income. While we believe that primary and preventative care is the best kind of care, we also know that many members of our community are navigating periods of profound illness or injury, or may need extra support outside of their doctor’s office.

About Equality Health

How We Help

Here are a few ways you may encounter Equality Health, regardless of where you are on your personal healthcare journey:

Primary Care

Equality Health works with your primary care provider to identify the types of healthcare services that may be most beneficial and aligned to your needs.

Personal Health Outreach

If you are overdue for an important appointment or screening, we work with your primary care physician, and may reach out to you via phone or text/SMS to support you.

Equality Health at Home

In times of complicated illness or injury, we are here to help. Our community-based care teams bring you help with things like medication management, transportation, and access to food and other resources.

Annual Wellness

We may reach out to you to offer our assistance in scheduling a comprehensive annual primary care visit in either your home or in your doctor’s office.

Our Care Team

Trusted Care Specialists in Your Community

Our care team connects with you to see what you need, with compassion and a focus on what works in your life. If you need additional support, such as access to food or housing resources, we can help locate the services that will help you heal. Our care team includes community health workers, care specialists, nurse practitioners, and chaplains who may visit you virtually or at home.

Connect to Community Resources

Introducing FindHelp® for Equality Health Members

Through our collaboration with FindHelp, Equality Health members can connect to thousands of providers of social care resources with over 500,000 distinct program locations.

Member FAQs

Want to Know More?

We know you have questions, so we have provided some answers to some questions we frequently hear.

No, support through Equality Health does not cost anything. The resources we provide are given at no cost to the member.

We work with your healthcare providers to support their ability to provide high-quality care. For example, we provide technology, training, and hands-on support to help practices in the care they provide to patients.

We sure can. First, we’ll have a discussion to understand what your needs are. We can then connect you with the organizations in the community that can meet those needs. We’ll even follow up with you to help make sure you feel like you’re on the right path.

Our care team reaches out to you to talk about overall health, discuss any recommendations your provider has, identify if you have any additional concerns that we can help address – such as resources for nutrition, housing support, or transportation – and to help ensure you are on the right track toward good health. The care team will support you with any care transitions (from the hospital to home, for example).