Cafecito Time with Equality Health

Published: June 24, 2020

Equality Health will be holding virtual gatherings to talk about resources, information and support available to community members during the COVID-19 crisis.

As part of their important mission to provide access to resources to the population who needs it the most, Equality Health will be holding three virtual seminars, covering everything you should know about COVID-19 and the resources available in our region for individuals and families affected by this new virus.

The interactive seminars, “Cafecito Time with Equality Health”, will be given in both English and Spanish, and have the objective to deliver trustworthy information about this pandemic and how to overcome it if diagnosed, within a safe environment with reliable professionals.

“We want these talks to be held in familiar environments, almost like if you were drinking a coffee with your friends or family, so one can express ideas freely about the topic. We want to go beyond medical language. We want to send a message that is easy to understand and brings the community together with the available resources”, said María Rebozo-La Pine, Cultural Care Manager for Equality Health.

“During these three talks, we will go over the basics on COVID-19, as well as addressing some common myths and disinformation about the virus”, said Rebozo-La Pine.

It is important to highlight that these virtual seminars will be discussing test center locations, what to do if diagnosed with COVID-19, how to overcome with community resources and support during this situation and where to get proper healthcare attention.

The virtual seminars are scheduled for Thursday, June 25, July 9 and July 23.

The English seminars will be at 11am and the Spanish seminars will be held at 12pm. You may join one or all three Cafecito Time events via Zoom or Facebook Live.

“We will be having the same guest speakers for both English and Spanish seminars, the seminar will have a 45-minute format in which participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and professionals will be able to answer appropriately”, commented María Rebozo-La Pine.

For the first Cafecito Time on June 25, the main topic of discussion will be COVID-19, and the community support and financial resources available for families and individuals. Lilian Navarrete, Assistance Program Coordinator for Maricopa County Department of Human Services, Lydia Guzmán, Director of Defense and Civic Commitment of Chicanos Por la Causa, and Nydia G. Montijo, FSL Community Outreach Coordinator, will be a the guest speakers.

In order to have access to the virtual talks, it is recommended that those interested, register in advance, and choose the sessions in the language that is most convenient for them.

To register, go to the Equality Health page,, where you’ll also find information about the topics for discussion and the guest speakers for each event.

Useful Information:

  • Cafecito Time con Equality Health
  • Thursday, June 25, July 9 and July 23
  • English at 11am and Spanish at 12pm
  • Join via Zoom or Facebook Live

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Published in Prensa Arizona, 06/25/2020