Health executives take out their crystal balls: Here are their predictions for 2021

Published: December 21, 2020

Article Originally Published in Fierce Healthcare

Hugh Lytle, Founder and CEO of Equality Health, provides his healthcare prediction for 2021:

“A primary care revolution [is coming]. With the recent advancement of turnkey value-based care solutions and models, payers can now partner seamlessly with independent practices to advance the triple aim and mutually improve one another’s earning potential.

In 2021, this will provide a desperately needed boost to previously anemic PCP earning potential and will reenergize entrepreneurial practices to hold on to their fiercely independent ways. Even more so, physicians who previously divested their practices or accepted direct employment as the only viable path forward will begin to reverse course, having been underwhelmed by the fruits of hospital-aligned partnerships.

Viva la revolución!”

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