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Published: December 11, 2023

Free, fast and seamless Electronic Health Record (EHR) and CareEmpower® integrations with Datavant and Equality Health automate quality care delivery and optimize alternative payment success.

PHOENIX and SAN FRANCISCO — Dec. 12, 2023 — Equality Health, a leader in value-based care (VBC), and Datavant, a leader in health data exchange for VBC organizations, today announced a partnership to deliver to PCP practices in the Equality Health Network an automated, data exchange integration between Equality Health’s CareEmpower® platform and practices’ EHRs.

CareEmpower is Equality Health’s proprietary technology that enables network providers and practice staff to proactively manage their patient population, close care gaps and streamline their VBC workflows in a single platform. Through the partnership, near real-time, multi-source patient data is automatically integrated from the practices’ EHRs into CareEmpower, which enables PCPs to optimize care plans, enhance patient outcomes, and increase earning opportunities in VBC.

“Independent primary care practices often feel administratively, clinically and financially challenged by the transition from fee for service to value-based care, but with the Equality Health care model and solutions like this secure, automated EHR integration through Datavant, providers in our network have the tools they need to succeed in value-based care,” said Michael Poku, MD, Chief Clinical Officer for Equality Health.

Specifically, this partnership between Equality Health and Datavant seeks to:

  • Reduce the administrative burden often associated with VBC data exchange and reporting through automation.
  • Improve patient outcomes, particularly for high-risk or complex patients, using real-time data through the Datavant integration and actionable triggers and patient analytics in CareEmpower.
  • Realize increased activity-based revenue opportunities to remain financially sustainable in a competitive market.

The Datavant integration is provided at no cost to Equality Health Network providers and covers a wide range of 60-plus EHRs commonly in use by small and medium independent PCPs. Equality Health is a VBC enabler and aims to unburden PCPs from VBC administration and drive their success in quality care.

The Datavant integration is part of Equality Health’s wider, comprehensive no-cost offering for PCPs in its network, which includes tech and people-oriented solutions: CareEmpower and hands-on support with care coordination, culturally competent care training, dedicated practice performance managers, and community health workers that act as extension of the provider practice. VBC contract participation and an activity-based financial model helps PCPs shift from fee-for-service to quality to close care gaps, optimize practice performance, increase compliance, and improve practice profitability.

“We’ve developed an elegant and scalable application that can be implemented out-of-the-box and installed in just 30 minutes,” said Pete McCabe, CEO of Datavant.  “It’s a secure, seamless integration that places no burden on the PCP staff and can enable provider organizations, like those partnering with Equality Health, to address their information release and exchange needs holistically, supporting the pursuit of high-quality, cost-effective care and improved patient outcomes.”

The Datavant application is HITRUST R2 Risk-based certified, HIPAA-compliant, NCQA Data Aggregator-validated, and SOC 2-compliant. It enables its customers to automatically pull standardized EHR data from participating practices and clinics regardless of which EHR systems they use. This information is used by VBC organizations such as Equality Health to assess the quality, cost, and outcomes of care being provided by those practices and clinics, and to offer proactive steps to address gaps.

About Equality Health

Equality Health is a technology-enabled primary care platform that leverages the proven capabilities of value-based payment models to transform healthcare for diverse and often marginalized populations. From predictive modeling to advanced care-tracking tools, utilizing Equality Health’s proprietary software, participating PCPs can streamline value-based administration and stay one step ahead of a patient’s journey. Equality Health’s care model is Medicaid-first in design, partnering with over 3,500 PCPs and 700,000 lives across AZ, TX, and TN. Equality Health partners with practices to close care gaps, optimize performance, increase compliance, and improve profitability. Members engage with holistic and personalized programs delivered through the lens of social and cultural needs. Equality Health is revolutionizing how care is delivered by establishing critical linkages with payers, providers, members, and community resources.

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About Datavant

Datavant protects, connects, and delivers the world’s health data to power better decisions and advance human health.

Datavant is a data logistics company for healthcare whose products and solutions enable organizations to move and connect data securely. Datavant has a network of networks consisting of thousands of organizations, more than 70,000 hospitals and clinics, 70% of the 100 largest health systems, and an ecosystem of 600+ real-world data partners.  To learn more about Datavant, visit

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