Equality Health Expands Texas Presence into Multiple New Markets to Improve Care for Vulnerable Populations

Published: February 3, 2022

Adds San Antonio, Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Northeast regions to help providers and payers partner more effectively in value-based care transformation

PHOENIX, February 3, 2022 — Equality Health, a leading provider of value-based physician networks uniquely equipped to address the needs of diverse and historically underserved populations, today announced a major expansion of its presence in Texas. Now, on the heels of its 2020 expansion into Houston, El Paso, and the Rio Grande Valley, Equality Health is expanding its footprint to include the San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Northeast Texas regions.

The expansion is catalyzed by Equality Health’s growing partnerships with multiple regional and national payers, as well as a rapidly growing primary care network that now stretches across all eight metropolitan areas within the state. The investment in these new markets will bring additional payers and providers onto the company’s value-based care platform, which in turn will make hundreds of thousands of Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and ACA exchange health plan members eligible for the holistic, culturally competent services offered by the Equality Health care model.

In Texas, and throughout the U.S., independent practices, or those that are not primarily aligned to a hospital system, are often precluded from participating in alternative payment models because they lack the necessary scale or infrastructure. Those that are eligible to contract directly with health plans in alternative payment models are challenged to manage multiple fragmented contracts, performance measures, targets, and reporting requirements. For such practices, investing in the technology and personnel to manage such value-based arrangements more easily is often prohibitive.

Aligning with Equality Health allows independent physician practices to consolidate multiple value-based contracts within a single network and integrated technology platform. For health plans, Equality Health represents a single-source partner with a network that is fully enabled for success in alternative payment models. And for patients, Equality Health will improve access to primary care and enhance coordination between primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, and the community-based organizations that address many non-medical, socio-economic determinants of health.

“This expansion will help more providers engage with health plans in alternative payment models,” said Hugh Lytle, founder and chief executive officer of Equality Health. “By joining Equality Health’s value-based network and consolidating their populations on the Equality Health platform, they need only to focus on one set of targets and one set of instructions, so they can channel more of their valuable time and resources to treating the patients who need it most.”

Providers looking to learn more about the benefits of joining the Equality Health Network can visit the organization’s provider resource page. Health plans interested in details about Equality Health’s comprehensive value-based care model can learn more on the health plan resource page.

About Equality Health

Equality Health, LLC is a Phoenix-based whole-health delivery system focused on transforming value-based care delivery with population specific programs that improve access, quality, and member trust. Through an integrated technology and services platform, culturally competent provider network and personalized care model, Equality Health helps managed care plans and health systems improve outcomes for diverse populations while simultaneously making the transition to risk-based accountability. For more information about Equality Health, visit www.equalityhealth.com or follow @EqualityHealth on Facebook, @EqualityHealth on Twitter, and @EqualityHealth on LinkedIn.

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