Equality Health Helps Local Providers Tap into 6 Billion of Available Federal Funding for Behavioral Health

Published: August 1, 2017

The Targeted Investments Program Aims to Encourage the Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care

Equality Health, an Arizona-based organization pioneering integrated health care delivery to underserved and ethnically diverse populations, is helping local physicians apply for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System’s (AHCCCS) Targeted Investments (TIP) program. The program incentivizes providers to integrate and coordinate behavioral health into overall care for Medicaid beneficiaries, and nearly $300 million is available over five years to Arizona providers.

Equality Health acts as a resource for providers and health plans, with the ultimate goal of improving population health. The TI program is a natural fit as a core component of the company’s proprietary Cultural Care Model calls for the integration and coordination of physical, behavioral and social factors to create a holistic approach to healthcare. More than 700 providers have already joined the Equality Health Network in its dedication to redefining the current, one-size-fits-all model of health care and close the disparities gaps among at-risk populations.

“We can’t just rely on the fragmented behavioral or primary healthcare systems, we have to bring them together to treat the whole person,” said Hugh Lytle, Equality Health Founder and CEO. “Equality Health is taking a comprehensive look at what factors impact a person’s health, and we’re building an integrated delivery system to address all of these needs. Beyond the physical, mental health issues, culture and social determinants play a huge role in a person’s overall health outcomes and quality of life.”

To encourage more providers to integrate behavioral health into their practices, Equality Health is offering onsite and virtual technical assistance with TI program applications and educational webinars and resources. The team will also work with providers that join the Equality Health Network moving forward to integrate best practice programs that will meet TIP requirements to earn their share of available incentive funding.

All applications must be submitted by August 18, 2017. To learn more about how to qualify and apply for the TI program or about the Equality Health Network, contact Equality’s subject matter expert, Dr. Shar Najafi, Equality Health Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health – ehnbehavioralhealth@equalityhealth.com.