Equality Health Named Business of the Year by the Greater Phoenix Chamber

Published: May 29, 2018

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. Close on the heels of winning the Greater Phoenix Chamber’s Impact Innovator award, Equality Health, the Arizona-based organization pioneering healthcare delivery to underserved and diverse populations, has also just been named Business of the Year by the chamber in the small-to-medium business category.

“On behalf of everyone in the Equality Health family, from our passionately dedicated provider network to our trailblazing professional staff, we are thrilled to be recognized as the Business of the Year in Phoenix in the small-to-medium business category,” said Hugh Lytle, founder and CEO of Equality Health.
Lytle added, “Although our approach to population health is new to healthcare, it is quickly being proven by our company’s record growth of serving over 100,000 lives under contract with five managed care plans in less than two years—and now this exciting recognition by Phoenix’s business community.”

From Exceptional Innovator to Business of the Year

Earlier in the year, the Greater Phoenix Chamber selected Equality Health as its “2018 Exceptional Innovator,” also in the small-to-medium business category. The award honors businesses that exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurialism; identify opportunities or unmet needs; and take risks, create value, initiate change or develop innovative solutions.

As Lytle stated at the time, earning the accolade underscored the value and credibility of Equality Health’s unique technology-enabled, care delivery innovations that improve healthcare for underserved communities.

With the Business of the Year award, Equality Health’s mission to end health disparities is gaining more visibility, but Lytle contends that it’s still very early, noting that the company’s task is far from complete.

“Health disparities continue to wreak havoc in the U.S, particularly in Arizona. Our goal is to help payers and providers engage these issues using our proprietary cultural care model and HealthBI population health technology platform,” Lytle stated.

He continued, “This formidable combination puts actionable insights and workflow into the hands of the providers at the point of care, and ensures member engagement based on the patient’s cultural preferences, personal values, and social needs. The impact comes when there is a level playing field for all members.”
The award was announced during the 31st Annual IMPACT Awards Luncheon on Thursday, May 24, 2018, at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona.

Members of the media interested in interviewing Hugh Lytle, CEO of Equality Health, are encouraged to contact Stephanie Janard, Amendola Communications for Equality Health, at sjanard@acmarketingpr.com or 828-288-2831.

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About Equality Health

Equality Health, LLC is an Arizona-based integrated, holistic health care delivery system focused on improving care delivery for underserved populations with culturally-sensitive programs that improve access, quality and patient trust. Through an integrated technology and services platform, culturally competent provider network and unique cultural care model, Equality Health helps managed care plans and health systems improve care for diverse populations while simultaneously making the transition to risk-based accountability. For more information about Equality Health, visit www.equalityhealth.com or follow @EqualityHealth on Facebook and @EqualityHealth on Twitter.