Equality Health Now Partners with CVS Pharmacy

Published: December 22, 2022

Equality Health is working in collaboration with CVS Pharmacy® to convey important health reminders. In an outreach effort to connect with people who may be in need of preventive care, CVS Pharmacy® will be including printed reminders with prescription paperwork to encourage wellness visits, vaccinations, screenings, and more. Sometimes a reminder is needed that a primary care physician visit is in order, and Equality Health wants to ensure that message is delivered. As part of the messaging, Equality Health also includes a phone number to our Care Team who is ready to help a patient with scheduling or transportation if needed for any needed visits.

This collaborative partnership puts an important message directly in the hands of a patient picking up a prescription. We at Equality Health appreciate this opportunity to provide messaging as part of the CVS Pharmacy® prescription documents, and we hope to increase important wellness visits to improve overall patient health and decrease trips to hospitals or urgent care clinics.