New partnership helps healthcare organizations solve social determinants of health in any community.

Published: December 12, 2018

HealthBI and TAVHealth team up to offer a scalable community care coordination and social determinants platform that can be used in any geographic location

Social determinants of health have significant downstream impacts on health outcomes and expenditures, yet healthcare practitioners struggle to assess patients’ social issues and connect them to an accountable network of community organizations that work collaboratively to address their needs. That’s set to change with a new partnership between TAVHealth and HealthBI, a division of Equality Health. See Media Fact Sheet:

By combining TAVHealth’s expertise in creating accountable, safe-sharing networks of community and health partners with HealthBI’s CareEmpower® care coordination technology, providers, payers and community organizations are now able to collectively address the most challenging social determinants of health—and finally move the needle on achieving better health outcomes and lower costs.
“The combination of HealthBI’s technology and TAVHealth’s safe-sharing platform and community networks allows collaboration between covered and non-covered entities to deliver whole person care,” said Jamo Rubin, MD, and CEO and Founder of TAVHealth.

“We’re very excited about merging HealthBI and TAVHealth’s collective expertise and platform to act on this important moment in healthcare. Patients stand to benefit greatly from this new approach, especially our most vulnerable populations,” added Scott McFarland, HealthBI President.

A major challenge solved for payers

Medicaid populations often struggle with lives marked by formidable social determinants of health. Unresolved, these needs and barriers essentially become preventable claims within our nation’s health system.

Moreover, healthcare remains local. Medicaid populations vary widely by state, region and even county, and often have vastly different social determinants of health to overcome. For managed Medicaid payers, identifying and resolving the unique social determinants for their members, no matter their community, represents the challenge of generating better outcomes and experiences at a lower cost.

The new partnership between HealthBI and TAVHealth provides a complete solution:

  • A deep knowledge of the targeted Medicaid market, including the most prevalent social determinants of health and cultural needs
  • The ability to identify, recruit, and onboard a curated and accountable network of providers and social service organizations
  • The legal structures and agreements necessary to assure compliance with all state and federal information sharing laws
  • A shared technology platform that enables all stakeholders to coordinate care and other needs for members from a single system

This partnership delivers what many believe to be the healthcare model of the future: providers and managed care plans working hand-in-hand with trusted community-based organizations to solve social determinants of health at scale.

“We’re essentially bringing the missing piece to improving health and lowering costs for Medicaid and other plans across the country—the ability to deliver local, community-based care no matter the geographic region, social determinants of health or cultural considerations,” noted Claire Zimmerman, VP of Product Innovation and Management, HealthBI.

Turning communities into care teams

At its core, the platform enables the creation of longitudinal social and clinical records in care coordination. Providers can administer socio-cultural health assessments that identify patients’ social needs; refer them to the appropriate community resources; and track patients as they intersect with multiple organizations over time to assure they receive the resources needed to close gaps in care and improve outcomes.

“This platform is replicable and adaptable to the local needs of any community. And with HealthBI and TAVHealth’s respective national footprints, we expect this to grow into a large-scale deployment that will meaningfully overcome social factors and cultural barriers that contribute to health inequalities in this country,” said Anabell Castro Thompson, Equality Health’s Senior Vice President of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

About TAVHealth

TAVHealth improves health outcomes and quality of care by solving Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). It does this by building accountable and curated networks of community and health partners that use the secure TAVConnect platform to safely collaborate and coordinate social services. With more than nine years of experience and nearly three million SDoH members served, TAVHealth has proven methods for driving health, quality, and financial outcomes, the necessary ingredients of sustainable SDoH solutions. To learn more about TAVHealth, visit, and follow TAVHealth on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About HealthBI

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, HealthBI, a company of Equality Health, was created by a team of industry leaders and physicians to fill the need for solutions that enable providers and engage patients for better quality outcomes. By arming providers and payors with real time insights and a platform to seamlessly collaborate across organizations and care settings, HealthBI prevents patients from slipping through the cracks. Today, the company’s care management and care coordination platform for population health management is the most widely deployed in the nation—used in over 63,000 clinical sites across 50 states. HealthBI customers have reported results that span from a 25 percent decrease in 30 day re-admits to a nearly 300 percent improvement in closing gaps in patient care. To learn more about HealthBI, visit and follow HealthBI on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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