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Health Equity in Michigan

With a trusted value-based care platform strongly rooted in Medicaid

We get you, Michigan. We understand your unique healthcare landscape, and we empower you to provide quality care that you can be proud to say is pure Michigan. Our combined decades of experience in healthcare serve as the solid foundation of our expertise. Realize a version of value-based care that helps both you and your patients overcome challenges and thrive.







The Premier VBC Partner for Michigan Independent Primary Care Physicians

You can trust us to understand and address the challenges and needs of your patient populations.

As an Equality Health partner, you receive the tools and resources that enable you to thrive both financially and clinically as an independent practice – allowing you to reclaim bandwidth and spend more time with patients. Our unique financial support program provides you with quarterly activity-based payments focused on improving patient outcomes, and our multi-disciplinary field-based care team provides the local support that ensures your patients have access to the community-based resources they need.

EST. 2015

EQH was founded in 2015


700K Attributed Member Lives


3200 Primary Care and Pediatric Providers participate in the EQH network

12 MSAs

EQH network is in 5 of the 12 MSAs

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